Thursday, 25 July 2013

Gidi: Behind The Scenes

Forget all those fancy pictures and documentaries you see on holiday flyers and on cable TV. Lagos isn't that life-friendly.

The noise around the city cranks me up daily. The only quiet time I get during the nights are broken almost every 45 minutes between each flight that leaves Lagos and those that come in.

The public buses aren't commuter friendly. They are not concerned about your "discomfort" just their income. Getting on-board one during rainy seasons can be synonymous to voluntarily going for a swim in the lagoon. Did I forget to tell you that your wallets are at risk in there as well? And your life expectancy drops a great deal coz I discovered that the lower the IQ of the driver, the faster he rides. 

The weather? Are you kidding me? Please don't ask. The sun shows off heat like it's in competition with some other sun. It practically dries us up and by the time it is done with us, we glow at nights. That's how un-nice it is here. Then when it rains, it vomits all over the place. Land looses its identity. My friends at Victoria Island can relate to this because I was sent a picture of a float-car actually floating. 

When it rains in Lagos, it is safer to wear both a life jacket and a helmet. Umbrellas, raincoats and boots can't help you.

The "uniform" men are in their categories. Sometimes their duties overlap. The L.G task forces carry out the same duties as the LASTMA, the VIO and the FRSC are cousins with one father. KAI and CBD are just another nuisance to the hard sought after peace that does not exist in Lagos. Even the BRT drivers and the defunct "molue" bus drivers are twins but of separate mothers. 

I have lived here my entire life but each day comes up never the same. You just can't ever get familiar with Lagos.

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